The Perfect Match Made in Eden

The phone went dead, and Jemma stared at it for a good two minutes. Her mind went into a full-blown war of its own at that moment—half of it wanting to call Carl back and tell him to go rot in hell; the other, in favor of playing along with his game until such a time that he would emotionally and mentally get heavily hit…

Love is the cruelest game in Jane Pern’s newest book, The Perfect Match: Made in Eden. Based on true events, its twists and turns will leave readers guessing until the very end.

When Jemma and Carl meet through a popular dating website, falling in love seems inevitable. But when Jemma discovers Carl is already married, all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps she should have just walked away. Instead, Jemma decides to turn the tables on Carl by making him fall in love with her—and then dumping him like the player he is.

Jemma sets out to act the part of dutiful girlfriend, but her heart keeps complicating matters. And while Carl thinks he’ll have fun and then run, he suddenly finds himself having bitten off a bit more than he can chew.

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